5 products that make your teeth darker

5 products that make your teeth darker

Yellowish shade of your teeth can lead to smiling less. If you want to avoid this, you have to know why teeth get yellowish. Here are 6 products that are changing the color of teeth.

1. Tea. Tea has a high concentration of tannins, even more than coffee. These substance changes the color of teeth.

2. White wine. As we know, red wine is beneficial for heart, but very bad for teeth. But did you know that white wine can change the color of your teeth too? It also contains tannins, which darkens the shade of teeth, and acids which destroy tooth enamel.

3. Soy sauce. Thus dark-colored sauce is considered to be one of the main causes of darkened teeth tone. It contains pigment which stick to the teeth and form dark spots.

4. Balsamic vinegar. Dark balsamic vinegar is great as salad dressing, but it’s a real threat to your teeth. It make teeth look darker, while its acids damage enamel, because it violates the balance of mouth acids.

5. Curry spices. These delicious spices give an excellent flavor and yellow color to your dishes. But the yellow dye may also color your teeth.


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