7 products to avoid if you want to have healthy teeth

7 products to avoid if you want to have healthy teeth

In the previous article we spoke about products that are the most useful for healthy teeth. Here is a list of products that you should avoid if you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Jam. Jam is a real sugar bomb. It covers teeth with sugar and creates a great place for bacteria to grow. Make sure to drink a glass of water after eating anything with jam.

Sauces and dressings. Salad dressings, such as vinegar and mayonnaise are not healthy for teeth. They contain acids that can damage enamel.

White bread. Simple carbohydrates are not good if you want to have a healthy smile. If they also come with a lot of sugar or sweeteners, they are even worse. It is recommended to choose black bread instead.

Wine. Wine contains a lot of sugar and acids, which damage enamel layer. You can slightly reduce the damage by drinking wine through a straw.

Dried fruits. This sweet and sticky and it creates favorable conditions for bacteria to multiply. Make sure to use dental floss after eating dried fruits.

Popcorn. No matter if they are salty or sweet, they cause the same damage. The worst thing is that corn husks stuck between the teeth and gums, which increases the chance of gingivitis.

Carbonated drinks. Carbonic acid destroys tooth enamel.


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