7 recommendations for healthy teeth

7 recommendations for healthy teeth

Regardless it looks like a simple process, teeth cleaning can be quite tricky and many of us make a few mistakes while brushing them. Here are 7 tips for you to make your mouth hygiene more effective.

  • Do not be afraidto eatsolid food(even ifyour teeth areperfectly healthy). Chewingsolid foodis a must. Do not be afraidto eatcarrots,applesandcabbage. This is reallyuseful for your teeth.
  • Take your time to brush your teeth, evenifyou arein a hurry. Itis necessary to brush your teeth twicea dayfor at leasttwo minutes.
  • Keep yourtoothbrushdry, do not close it in anybox.From time to time rinse it well with hotboiledwater.
  • Use a dental floss regularly (2-3 times per week).
  • Do not brush yourteethimmediatelyaftereating –they can beveryvulnerable.Waitat least a fewminutes, andthen brush it.
  • Replaceyour toothbrush everytwoto threemonths.New brush will clean theplaque better.
  • Do not forgetto clean theinnerside ofthe cheeksand tongue. Moderntoothbrushesoften have ruggedsurface for this purpose.

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