8 most common dental problems

8 most common dental problems

Tooth pain is really unpleasant and serious. We all want to be healthy and have a beautiful smile. Good teeth care routine, healthy food and regular visits at the dentist are necessary to have it. So let’s talk about the most common teeth problems.

  1. Imperfect smile. This is usually related to irregular teeth shape and worn teeth. Modern medicine offers aesthetic dental restoration which can solve this problem.
  2. Ulcers. If you have ulcers in your mouth that do not heal in two or three weeks, you should definitely see a doctor. Usually ulcers can occur simply because of eating very hot food or drinking very hot drinks.
  3. Bad breath. Bad breath is called halitosis. It can be caused by tooth decay, leftovers of food, etc. It is necessary to brush your teeth regularly, use dental floss and mouth rinse.
  4. Periodontitis. This problem is often related to stroke or heart bouts. This disease can also cause losing teeth.
  5. Oral cancer. It is a terrible disease that is included to the list of the most common diseases in the world. Each year there are about 300 000 people affected by oral cancer.
  6. Decay. This problem occurs because of food residue that remains between teeth. This is a very common disease and in order to avoid it be have to brush teeth regularly, use dental floss and mouth rinse.
  7. Sensitive teeth. This problem usually occurs because of sweets or eating cold and hot food (drinks) at the same time. People who have sensitive teeth should always choose a special toothpaste.
  8. Erosion. Dental erosion can be avoided by proper oral hygiene.

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