Easy tips to make your teeth whiter

Easy tips to make your teeth whiter

Beautiful and white teeth make us look younger and healthier, so it’s a must to take a good care of your mouth hygiene. But is it possible to have white teeth without harsh chemicals? The answer is yes. There actually are easy methods to make your teeth white and protect them from staining. Here are a few tricks that will help you to dazzle everybody with the whitest smile.

Apply baking soda on your teeth. Teeth whitening with a mixture of salt and baking soda is one of the most popular ways to remove various stains. Baking soda will also get rid of bacteria and reduce acid damage to the enamel. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and salt and rub your teeth very gently with it.

Drink water. Red wine is not the only enemy of white smile. White wine acid can also damage tooth enamel and make your teeth weak. If you want to reduce the damage, you should always drink some water after drinking wine. It neutralizes acids and protects teeth.

Drink using a straw. Coffee, tea, red wine, coke, etc. create stains on our teeth. If you cannot live without these drinks, you should drink them using a straw. This way you will reduce direct contact of these drinks with your teeth.

Eat your vegetables. Celery, carrots, broccoli and cucumbers are like thousands of small toothbrushes. Eating these vegetables you will be cleaning your teeth at the same time.


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