The secrets of whiter teeth

The secrets of whiter teeth

How do all celebrities manage to keep their teeth so white? Their smiles always glow like pearls. Do you want to have such teeth too without going to get your teeth whitened? It is possible. You just have to take a proper care of your mouth hygiene and see what products you are eating.

Try to rinse your mouth with water as often as possible. Don’t let any foot to accumulate. Drink you wine, juice and other colored drinks through a straw. Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day but very gently, don’t forget to use a dental floss too. Periodically visit your dentist to do an oral hygiene.

Here are the top 5 products that are beneficial to your teeth and help them to stay white for longer. Eat them regularly and enjoy a beautiful smile!

1. Tea. Of course, we are not talking about black tea. Just like coffee or red wine, it can darken your teeth. However, the researches have shown that tea does not allow bacteria to multiply in your mouth, which is often a reason of decay and bad breath.

2. Cheese. Recent studies have shown that eating cheese makes your mouth cleaner and it even has a similar effect as brushing your teeth. Cheese is an alkaline product that neutralizes the acid in your mouth and provides calcium.

3. Grains. People who eat three servings of whole grain products every day, suffer from inflammation of the gums 23 percent less than those who do not eat as much of it.

4. Yogurt. Japanese studies have shown that natural bacteria in yogurt reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide by 80 percent. It is a substance that is the main cause of bad breath.Choose natural yogurt and add fresh or frozen berries and fruits if you want.

5. Berries. If you really want something sweet, do not run to the store to buy chocolate and sweets. Enjoy strawberries (even frozen ones). Strawberries contain xylitol sugar which neutralizes the potential damage of sugar. You can also eat currants, cherries, etc.


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