Did you know that these products are healthy?

Did you know that these products are healthy?

It has been found that nicotine can be used as one of the treatments for curing Alzheimer’s syndrome. It sounds surprising, isn’t it? Here are more unexpected things that are beneficial to human health:

Chocolate. Everyone knows that chocolate is good for you. Unfortunately, black bitter chocolate is much healthier than the sweet milky one because it contains more polyphenols that reduce free radicals dangerous because of their damage to our cells and DNA. Chocolate is also good for the heart and may even make life longer for almost a year. However, according to Harvard researchers, including chocolate should be moderate.

Red wine. If you read newspapers more than once a year, you must have heard about the healing powers of red wine, French paradox, and so on. Just like the chocolate, red wine is also rich in polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids that are known as powerful antioxidants. Wine has been also admitted to have blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels lowering characteristics. Another ingredient, resveratrol, slows the aging processes and may even cure cataracts! Like chocolate, red wine must not be abused.

Baked beans.
Pay attention to baked beans that have been admitted to be an inexpensive way to strengthen your heart. In addition, they will also improve your digestion.

Ice cream.
Eating ice cream will never make you feel like a person who desperately wants another portion and could do anything for it. That’s because of glycemic index which is low. Comparing with a 75 g slice of cheese cake, which has 511 calories and 43 grams of fat, ice cream has only 114 calories and 6 grams of fat.

White bread. It is often said that whole grain bread is much the healthier than white bread. However, white bread has also some advantages: wheat flour is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and niacin. Since white bread has less fiber, our body gets ability to absorb more calcium which is very useful for our body.

Coffee. Similarly to wine and chocolate, it contains antioxidants and has tannins helping to protect the heart and unblock arteries. It is also useful for our liver – one cup of coffee per day will reduce risks of developing liver cirrhosis of 20%.


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