Diet arithmetic

Diet arithmetic

No matter what diet you are following, the logic is simple: if you get less energy with food than what you use during the day, you will lose weight. The easiest way to get rid of extra pounds is to eat food that contains less calories. If oyu know a few trick, it’s not that difficult.

White but without a foam

Black coffee without sugar has only 4 calories. Cappuccino with a foam can have up to 100 calories. So the difference is obvious. Still want white coffee? Try to make it using 1% fat milk. You won’t get a foam from such milk, but the taste of coffee will be similar.

Magic eggs

If you like cooking eggs in the morning, it’s very likely that you use at least 2 eggs. Try to cook one egg and one white, which will save you 70 calories. If the taste is alsmost the same why would you eat more?

Salad without dressing

If you didn’t put cheese into your salad and refuse dressing you would save up to 100 calories. If you eat out ask to serve cheese and dressing separately. If you cook at home, remember that one table spoon of mayonnaise has the same calories as 150 grams of natural yogurt. Salad with yogurt tastes even better, just try it.

Eat smarter – eat soup

People who start their lunch with soup eat much smaller portion of the main meal. This also means that they get less calories. Just don’t forget that soup cannot contain fat additives, such as meat, sour cream or potatoes. So try eating soup and just half portion of the manim meal for your lunch.



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