Diet makes you fat

Diet makes you fat

It turns out that in most cases diets fail to help people in getting rid of their unwanted kilos: as soon as they return to their normal life and forget that they must control themselves at the table, their overweight returns to a previous state. Moreover, some of them become even fatter than they used to be!

Specialists are not surprised and say that sooner or later all diets start failing to work. That’s because most of the people choose the easiest way and simply reduce the amount of food but don’t change their way of life. This is a huge problem because diet turns into a temporal experiment which may even lead us to various health problems.

When our weight starts cyclically changing and weight loss is led by weight gain, this may provoke cardiovascular diseases and even death from heart attack, stroke or diabetes. According to doctors, to get rid of your overweight for all you should change the way of life at first and think about a balanced diet and physical activity. If you only refuse of food for several months, you must realize that your body will definitely ask some kind of compensation later. In other words, is not sufficient only to reduce the amount of food. The problem is that more than 70% of unnecessary weight cases are caused by nature. Such people should be prepared for radical changes of their eating habits and physical activeness.

People are also highly recommended to start controlling their weight from their young age because it is most likely that those who have overweight problems in their 20s, they will still have this problem later. According to various analyses made, it can be said that the only way to lose some weight and then to keep it stable, is physical activity. If the person moves every or almost every day, it is possible.


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