Diets lead to muscle loss

Diets lead to muscle loss

If a woman who is already on her menopause period decides to follow the diet, she must be prepared for the fact that she will eventually have much more fat in her body. That was revealed by a group of researchers who have been analyzing the results of 78 women for one year.

The saddest thing about this research is that the total weight does not reveal this change of fat and muscle mass. It turns out that when the weight drops down, real things drop down are fat tissue that additionally recovers as fat. Experts have also estimated that muscular tissue makes a quarter of the total weight loss, so experts suggest seriously considering the fact whether it is worth following a diet which is basically based on muscle loss.

The researchers have been analyzing 78 women, ranging in age from 50 to 70 years old. They all have been following the diet for five months in the beginning and additionally had their body composition measured. In addition, after 6 and 12 months researchers have repeated their test with the same women and measured weight and body composition of those who gained less than 2 kg. On average, women managed to lose about 12 % of their body weight. Six months after the end of the diet, two thirds of them have put on the same amount of their weight again. After one year, weight came back to three quarters of women, including 11 women who gained more pounds than lost. A year later, 84 % of women who gained weight, gained additional 2 kilograms.

After paying a closer look to their body structure, researchers found that women had two times more fat than muscle, which was initiated by low-calorie foods used when on a diet.


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