7 tips how to strengthen your immunity in spring

7 tips how to strengthen your immunity in spring

Spring is the time to diet and exercise. Unfortunately, sometimes we overdo it  and the results are quite not what we expect. We can soon notice that our immunity is weak and we get ill quickly. How to avoid all this?

Eat 2 large apples a day and within a month you will be able to lose about 3 kg. These fruits are rich in fiber that helps to digest better and cleanses the intestines.

Add cereals to your diet. 2-3 tablespoons of wheat, rye or oat flakes in the morning will satisfy your recommended daily intake of folic acid. Note: The flakes should be whole grain! Maybe it is not as tasty, but it is much more useful.

Increase your daily intake of vitamin C. If we lack vitamin C, we become irritable, sleepy and always feel tired. In particular, vitamin C is required for the days when we work a lot. Eat lemons, kiwis, etc. They are like injections protecting you from exhaustion.

Run from a heart attack. Active lifestyle plays an important role to prevent many diseases. We have to spend at least 20 minutes a day exercising. Also make sure you get enough of potassium. You can eat 1 or 2 bananas every day. According to experts, regular consumption of fruits reduces the risk of heart attack by 20%.

Eat chocolate. Choose dark one and not more than 2 per month. It contains a lot of calories, but it helps to reduce “bad ” cholesterol in the blood, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of blood clots and free radicals and helps to deal with stress.

Let your gastrointestinal tract to rest. Once a week, do fasting days – drink mineral water or fat free yogurt and eat apples on this day. According to doctors, this can extend your life by 5 years!

At least once a week, eat fish (preferably marine as this one contains more iodine which is necessary for nervous system, and polyunsaturated fatty acids which fight against free radicals).


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