8 tips how to treat runny nose

8 tips how to treat runny nose

It is ver yeasy to get a runny nose at this time of year. We advise you to treat it immediately, because in the long run there is a risk of developing more serious disease – sinusitis. Here are 8 tips that will help you to do it.

1. Smell onion or garlic. As soon as you feel the first symptoms of rhinitis, when your nose is not yet fully blocked, sniff some onion or garlic. Breathe in with one and then the other nostril, exhale through the mouth. Repeat several times.

2. Drink a lot. Drink as much fluids as possible, especially natural fruit juice and tea that promotes perspiration, such as linden or raspberries. Avoid coffee and black tea. These drinks depletes body’s fluids. Green tea with lemon and honey not only tones the body, but also warms you up.

3. Treat yourself with dark chocolate. Make sure you body does not lack of energy to fight the disease. However, chocolate is just a treat, make sure you choose a healthy diet, easily digestible foods that are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Dark chocolate is allowed because it strengthens the blood, so it will give you energy and help fight off a cold.

4. Take vitamin C and eat citrus fruits. Take vitamin C and eat citrus fruits every day. However, be careful and do not overdo it! Although vitamin C overdose is a rare phenomenon, be smart with it.

5. Soak your feet in a hot bath. Also pour some sea salt or add pine extract to the water. You can also lie in a hot bath. Hot bath can help heal not only with runny nose, but also soften your skin.

6. Use disposable handkerchiefs. Use only disposable handkerchiefs and throw them away immediately. Blow each nostril separately.
7. Ventilate the room you stay in. also try to spend more time in the fresh air. Of course you have to dress properly.

8. Lie in bed. If the cold is very strong, it is advisable to stay in bed for at least couple of day. A good rest and peace will help your body fight against disease. Even if you do not have fever, allow your body to relax.


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