Body signals that indicate about serious illnesses

Body signals that indicate about serious illnesses

Sometimes seemingly not important signals can tell a lot about deteriorating condition of your body. So what is your falling hair, puffy eyes or tongue plaque trying to tell you?

Heavy hair loss can be a sign that your body lacks essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.). you may be suffering from tuberculosis, thyroid and other endocrine diseases, diabetes, impaired hormonal activity or metabolism, and so on.

Acne and flaky scalp or facial skin can warn of gastrointestinal and skin diseases (like, seborrhea). This usually happens because of poor diet.

Swollen face and eyes usually indicate about impaired thyroid or kidney problems.

Long and deep wrinkles between the lips and the nose show that your heart is functioning poorly.

White or light yellow plaque on a tongue indicates that a person is suffering from an infectious disease or gastrointestinal disorders.

Cracked lip corners warn that the body lacks vitamins (especially B2, A and E) or he has weak immune system.

Swollen eyes indicate body’s exhaustion, deficiency of nutrients or imbalance of internal organs. You should immediately make common blood and urine tests and check the level of iron in the blood.

If you feel thirsty even when drinking enough water, especially at night, this may be a signal of early diabetes, kidney diseases and other symptoms. Immediately contact your family doctor.


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