Fatigue. A number one symptom of anemia

Fatigue. A number one symptom of anemia

Fatigue, weakness, irritability are the symptoms that many people feel in spring. However, you should be very careful with that, because they may indicate about anemia. Anemia can come through at any age person. However, it is not always immediate.

First of all, our body starts lacking iron. People start to feel sleepy, weak, they look paler than usually. Some people suddenly want to eat something spicy or sour. When the shortage of iron increases, patients become very irritable, sensitive, and even emotionally unstable. Children find it difficult to study and concentrate.

In order to reveal still anemia quicker, you should be make ferritin test. If you do it on time, you can prevent some serious health problems. General blood test will show anemia only when iron stores are really exhausted. But then it can be too late and you will have to do a long treatment.

World Health Organization data show that every third person in the world has symptoms of anemia. Quite often anemia is diagnosed for small children. Iron deficiency is also common in adolescence. The risk group also includes pregnant women, nursing mothers, vegetarians, athletes and active elderly people.


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