How to avoid heart diseases?

How to avoid heart diseases?

Doctors agree that more and more young people are diagnosed with various cardiovascular diseases. Stress, insomnia, vague diet, being overweight are just a few reasons behind heart ailments.

If we don’t talk about bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances, there are still plenty of reasons that determine deteriorating heart condition. Although the increased risk of heart attack or other heart diseases is usually associated with excessive weight and excessive consumption of high-calorie food, cardiologists warn that people should be more careful with diets. If you want to lose weight, you should not blindly trust the diets that you find of the Internet. You should better visit a specialist and make blood, heart, and other necessary tests, to determine appropriate calorie levels and help regulate your diet.

The factors of heart disease risks also include sedentary lifestyle, low physical activity, certain medications, complications of pregnancy or childbirth. However, one of the greatest enemies of heart is stress. Acute stress can add frequencies of heart rate, increase blood cholesterol levels or the oxygen demand of the heart muscle. Long-term stress and fatigue reduce immune resistance, and it can contribute to developing cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid heart diseases completely, however, it is possible to reduce the risk. It is worth visiting your family doctor for general health status determination, at least couple of times a year. Usually people come to specialists only when they get complaints. This should change and even young people should take a better care of their health.


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