How to boost immunity in winter?

How to boost immunity in winter?

There is no secret that during the cold season our bodies start to lack vitamins and minerals. Do you want to boost immunity? Pay attention to what you are eating. So what vitamins and minerals increase our immunity?

Vitamin C. Sources of vitamin C: fresh citrus fruits, parsley, corn and soybean sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, rosehip and sea buckthorn berries, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, spinach,.

Phosphorus. Sources of phosphorus: nuts, eggs, soya, wholegrain cereals.

Sodium. Sources of sodium: salt, most of vegetables (for example, tomatoes, potatoes, letuce) and fruits (mostly bananas).

Vitamin E. Sources of vitamin E: nuts, avocados, corn, fish, peas, whole grains, wheat germ, coarse cereals.

Calcium. Sources of calcium: milk and dairy products, sardines, soybeans, broccoli, nuts.

Iodine. Sources of iodine: sea fish, eggs, meat, seafood, milk.

Vitamin A. Sources of vitamin A: poultry; sea fish; eggs, milk and milk products; butter or margarine, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (for example, carrots, peppers, bananas, peaches, apricots).

Vitamin B6. Sources of vitamin B6: poultry, beef liver, oatmeal and brown rice, green vegetables, potatoes.

Iron. Sources of iron: meats, liver, kidneys, beef, wholegrain bread, potatoes, dried apricots, soy sauce

Magnesium. Sources of magnesium: wheat bran, cereals, green leafy vegetables, seeds.


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