How to protect your heart?

How to protect your heart?

How to protect your heart?

Statistics is cruel. Every year there are tons of people who die because of cardio diseases and every year there are younger patients. How to avoid it? How to help yourself? The best medicine is prevention, so you should remember the main rules and follow them.

Move more. Start going to the gym or swimming pool (but don’t forget to consults your doctor before starting and listen to your body). Never overdo. If you do not have time to work out, try to walk more in the fresh air. If you walk fast every day for at least 3 kilometers you will help your heart a lot.

Eat well. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, limit the amount of fat and fried food. It is recommended to eat enough of whole grain products, vegetable oils as these products reduce cholesterol level and help to prevent blood clotting. Do not forget blueberries, cranberries, apricots and raspberries. They contain salicylic acid which regulates blood clotting.

Keep a track of your weight. Extra kilos are bad for you. It increases cholesterol level in your blood, raises blood pressure and makes the risk to develop atherosclerosis much higher.

Say no to tobacco. Cigarettes and healthy heart has nothing in common.

Avoid coffee and alcohol. If you use coffee and alcohol in moderation it will not damage your heart. However, large amounts of them increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases.


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