Immunity enhancing herbs that you should add to your dishes

Immunity enhancing herbs that you should add to your dishes

Everyone who likes to cook knows that spices make any dish tastier. But that’s not all. Spices have a lot of beneficial properties and they should be used regularly. Even a pinch of spice helps strengthen immunity, reduce inflammation, it cleanses the body or even helps to lose weight.


It is impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without oregano. In addition to its aromatic properties, this herb has healing properties. Oregano:

calms nervous system;
has high antibacterial properties;
normalizes digestion;
has a diuretic effect;
strengthens immune system;
facilitates an expectorant.

Oregano is most suitable for seasoning:

vegetable soups;
homemade sauces.


In ancient times, this plant was considered a symbol of prosperity and longevity. Even now, in some countries newlyweds are given a branch of rosemary wishing them happiness and prosperity. Rosemary:

relieves stress and nervous tension;
improves potency;
cures colds;
has anti-inflammatory effect;
promotes wound healing and reduces bad mood.

Rosemary is most suitable for seasoning:

meat dishes;
fish dishes;
herbal teas.


According to recent studies, turmeric helps inhibit cancer cell development. Turmeric:

cleanses the body;
has a positive effect on digestion;
reduces inflammation;
has a detoxifying effect;
It is a powerful antioxidant;
improves skin condition;
helps to lose weight;
restores the protective function of the body.

Turmeric is most suitable for seasoning:

meat stews;
pilaf and other dishes from rice.


Sage is a spice, which helps fight colds and sore throat. Sage:

cleanses intestines;
removes toxins and slags;
helps to lose weight;
has antioxidant properties;
strengthens immune system;
helps treat cough and runny nose.

Sage is most suitable for seasoning:

fried and steamed vegetables;
meat dishes;
fish dishes;
homemade sauces;


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