Lack of trace elements can lead to serious health issues

Lack of trace elements can lead to serious health issues

Sweating is inevitable is summer time. We move more, work out and exercise. However, sweating means that you can lose many vital trace elements. Because of that, you may feel muscle pain, cramping, fatigue and lack of strength. If you don’t pay attention to the increased amount of cramping because of the lack of magnesium (Mg), you may have serious heart problems, which can even stop if you also lack potassium (K).

Trace elements that are important for your heart

Potassium and magnesium deficiency is extremely dangerous for your heart. Potassium and magnesium are vital to us. If we lack potassium, we can easily develop abnormal heart rhythm. Magnesium deficiency is also dangerous for the heart and blood vessels. It can lead to heart rhythm disorders or arterial hypertension, so it is necessary to ensure that you do not lack there trace elements. Adequate levels of potassium in the blood not only protect against heart rhythm disorders that afflicts even very young people, but also it prevents high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Magnesium is necessary for good nervous, endocrine, pulmonary and muscular, so the first sign of a lack of this trace element is muscle twitching or convulsions that are more frequent in summer time when we sweat more. A lack of magnesium can even lead to digestive tract and oncological illnesses. People who lack magnesium complain about fatigue, sleepiness and various emotional disorders.

What should you eat if you lack potassium and magnesium?

Balancing your diet is extremely important to get enough of potassium and magnesium. Wheat bran and whole grain products are rich in magnesium. Almonds, cashew nuts are good sources of magnesium, as well as green leafy vegetables, legumes, dried fruits, animal protein and seafood. Potassium can be found in fruits (especially in bananas) and vegetables (especially in beans, peas, leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes), nuts, wheat and other plant-based foods.


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