What can out eyes tell about our health?

What can out eyes tell about our health?

Usually people care about their eyes only if they experience some symptoms of a serious disease. But how should care of our eyes to prevent eye diseases and enjoy an excellent vision?

The biggest threats to our eyes are by no doubt smart devices, which we work on a daily basis. Looking at the computer monitor for long disturbs eye moisture and we start feeling eye dryness or watering. During the cold season, our eyes are also affected by heated indoor air and in summer time – conditioners. Of course, poor diet and a lack of sleep also affect the health of our eyes.

Red eyes may warn that there is a lack of moisture in the eyes, which can cause redness and inflammation or allergies. Blood vessels can appear because of high blood pressure.

Dry eye warns about hormonal disorders, thyroid diseases, it may also be a consequence of a long work on a computer. Watery eyes are usually caused by dry eye syndrome which causes tearing and can lead to inflammations.

If you often feel that your eyes are tired, pay attention if there are no additional symptoms, like redness, eye dryness, flashes, sudden loss of vision, which can be both short-term fatigue and long-term consequences. If you feel these symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist, because they can foreshadow serious illness.


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