What health issues does your thirst reveal?

What health issues does your thirst reveal?

Do you constantly want to drink? Do not ignore your thirst as it can be a symptom of a serious disease.
On average, one person drinks 1.5-2 liters of fluids per day. When it’s hot, naturally the need to drink more is bigger, because we sweat more, so we need more fluids. It is also normal that after eating something salty, we want to drink too because our body needs to maintain the balance of sodium and potassium. Salt increases the amount of sodium. If we drink, the balance is recovered and thirst passes. However if you feel thirsty constantly, this is not good.

Strong thirst is the first sign of intoxication . For example, a hangover. We have to drink a lot of water in order to feel better after a night out. If you are not using alcohol , and you still want to drink all the time, consider whether you have any infection or a viral disease. Their vital activity products are also toxic to the body. People suffering from cancer may have even worse toxins, however, don’t be feared for the worst. Just consult with your doctor  and he will help you to find the main cause of your thirst .

Physicians offer testing for diabetes as well, because if you constantly want  to drink, it may be one of the main symptoms of this disease . If you have an increase in blood glucose levels , you may produce more urine which means you lose fluids. The body requires to replenish their stocks, so you want to drink more.


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