What you should know about lip herpes

What you should know about lip herpes

Herpes is not just a little thing, that you just have to wait to heal. It’s an insidious enemy that can not be destroyed, but it can be muffled. The most widespread form of the herpes virus is lip herpes. Initially, you will feel a pulsating pain and itching lips area. Later red spots appear that turn into vesicles.

Vesicles break spontaneously or mechanically damaging them and small wounds apprear, which contain a clear liquid. After a while the wounds start healing. You should never scratch the wounds as it would increase the chances of infection, which will only worsen the situation.

Typically, lip herpes lasts 7-10 days. If within this period the symptoms persist, see a dermatologist, because it is likely that herpes is just another symptom of the disease. Often the rash occurs in nostrils or elsewhere. There are cases when the virus damages the internal organs. Its target becomes the weakest spots in the body.

Usually herpes is provoked by repeated colds, heat exhaustion, stress, and even menstruation, in other words, blistering of the lips warns of weak immunity. However, there are other, external reasons, such as excess UV exposure and so on.

Since it is virtually impossible to protect against the contamination, we just have to fight against it. It is very important to strengthen immunity in order to protect ourselves against herpes recurrence. Unfortunately, strengthening the immunity is not simple. The unfavorable ecological situation, chronic fatigue syndrome, bad diet, bad habits, different types of radiation, all of this weakens our body’s protective capabilities.

Be cautious with antibiotics. Frequent use of antibiotics weakens the immune system. By the way, the word “antibiotic” means “against life,” because it kills and healthy cells. It is also necessary to take care of digestive tract, because the immune process starts with the intestine. Get more vitamins! A strong immune system is based on a healthy way of life: do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and eat healthy.


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