Why not all of us can eat bread?

Why not all of us can eat bread?

Every day more and more people get diagnosed celiac disease. It’s a genetic, allergic disease when human body cannot tolerate gluten. The only treatment for it is permanently give up products that contain cereal protein. This means you have to give up most of flour, bread, pasta and baked goods or change them with gluten-free products.

There is a lighter form of this disease when only wheat in intolerable. Then, you can still use rye. But otherwise allergenic grain have to be replaced with gluten-free cereal crops, such as rice, corn and switch grass. You can also eat buckwheat and quinoa.

Symptoms of celiac and how to avoid it

Celiac disease an inherited disease. However, the symptoms occur only when a person eats wheat, rye or barley. A lot of children get sick very early, as soon as they try eating baby food that contains gluten. It is therefore recommended to breastfeed baby as long as possible.

The symptoms are very individual and different, starting from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, exacerbate, stomach pains and ending with weight loss, delayed growth, fatigue, hair loss, skin rashes and itching. A large proportion of patients do not even know about their disease.

Celiac disease is not just a minor gastro-intestinal disorder. If untreated, it may develop and become a much more serious disease, for example, anemia, diabetes, arthritis, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, various autoimmune and neurological diseases. This disease has no treatment, there are no medications for it. You just have to control yourself, keep track of the food you are eating and permanently limit foods with gluten.


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