Do we really need eye drops?

Do we really need eye drops?

Today we can buy a wide range of the eye drops in the pharmacies that all promise to help for our eyes: make them bright and eliminate all the tiredness marks. However, doctors warn that everything is not as innocent as it sounds!

Eye drops are often sold without a prescription and customers are generally not informed about the real  therapeutic effect and harm that can be caused by them. Commercials easily claim that drops will eliminate all the problems as soon as you start using the product: eye redness, dryness and similar feeling that make you feel uncomfortable. However, different eye drops have completely different properties and each of them may have many analogues in different prices. So, how to make the right choice?

Those whose work is associated with computers know the eye fatigue very well. Feeling of dryness and other symptoms make people go to the pharmacy for a remedy. Just like they are promised, in most of the cases patients notice that redness has disappeared and look has enlightened. However, the biggest problem is that eye drops don’t eliminate the causes and remove only the external symptoms.

The ingredient that easily reduces the eye redness is tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride that is also successfully applied in allergic diseases. Because of it, drops narrow eye blood vessels what helps to eliminate the unpleasant feeling in the eyes. However, after being consumed for a long time period, this substance becomes not so useful: prolonged use of tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride cancels oxygen distribution to eyes and initiates even more redness.

So, keep in mind that all eye drops should be used with moderation. In addition, if you are pregnant or nursing mother, avoid them as well and, ideally, contact your family doctor before starting to use the
eye drops because of some ingredients that can be found in them.


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