Do we use natural spices?

Do we use natural spices?

Yet, it seems not so long ago we have been using spices and herbs grown in our or our grandmother’s garden. However, it is not a secret that rapidly advancing chemical industry ‘improves’ our kitchen and the majority of the spices that can be found on the supermarket shelves are ‘enriched’ with a wide range of ‘accessories’. With their help, spices are given some false taste what easily misleads our taste.

Taste receptors in human’s body let us choose what food we need on one or other moment. For example, if we feel a lack of energy – we start unnoticeably looking for glucose (something sweet), just like we start looking for something salty after the physical activity. However, various flavor additives have lifted the world of flavors to unseen heights – shelves are full of food, which is of questionable value of energy, but it tastes terribly good and makes us want it more and more. Various seasonings are simply confusing our taste and soon it becomes impossible to distinguish whether a food is spoiled or it is necessary for our body.

When seasoning, people often forget the real purpose of the spices and hide a real taste of the food with their help. However, spices are used to improve the flavor of the dish, improve its external appearance, and also improve digestion and overall being of the body. The best tip in this issue is to start using natural spices and herbs. In addition, try not to take the true flavor from the dish you are going to cook and season only to give a little flavor. If you still haven’t you should also fall in love with chili because it’s a great way to improve your metabolism and make yourself to eat slower.


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