Do you know everything about jogging?

Do you know everything about jogging?

Jogging is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, strengthen your body prevent from heart diseases. Jogging helps to improve blood transmition to all parts of body and reduce pressure on the heart. jogging for 30 minutes will help you to burn 350 calories. Do not be surprised if the weight will not be reduced straight away. Little by little you will burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

  • It is very important to feel confortable while jogging. You should buy special jogging shoes for that.
  • Do not try to run too fast. You should feel slightly tired at the end of the work out.
  • Keep your back straight. This will reduce muscle tightness. Do no lean forward no materr if you run downhill or uphill.
  • Your arms should move free from the chest to the hips.
  • Breathe through your mouth. If you are not able to talk while jogging it means you are going to fast.
  • Listen to your steps. If you hear a loud sound, it means you are jogging wrong. Try to run quietly, gently touching the ground. This decrease the chance of injuries. Place the heel first than the rest of your feet.

Here are a few unpleasent symptoms that you may feel if jogging incorrectly:

  • Leg pain. If you are jogging recently, it is normal to feel tired. However, if you feel pain even when you rest, ou should stop jogging for a while.
  • Back pain. This part hurst because of poor muscles or wrong posture while jogging. Regular jogging will strengthen your muscles.
  • Muscle cramps. Cramps can appear because of lack of fluids, mineral imbalance and so on. If the cramps are repeated often, you should talk to the doctor.
  • Blisters. Make sure to wear proper shoes and socks, otherwise blisters are inevitable.
  • Dehydration. Drink plenty of water during every work out and throughout the day.

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