Do you know how to drink tea?

Do you know how to drink tea?

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. But do we know how to drink it correctly?

It is not recommended to drink tea if your stomach is empty. Tea has cooling properties, even if you drink it hot, and it can cool down your spleen and stomach. Wait until your tea cools down a little bit. If you drink hot tea, it can irritate your throat, esophagus and stomach. Tea temperature should not exceed 56 degrees. Do not drink ice cold tea either. You may have already noticed paralyzing cold from inside if you ever drank really cold tea.

When you prepare your tea, wait for few minutes and remove tea leaves. If you keep tea leaves in water for too long, polyphenols and essential oils will oxidize and your drink will lose its transparency, flavor and aroma. Another disadvantage is that such environment is great for breeding harmful microorganisms, like bacteria or fungi.

Do not use the same tea for many times. Usually after using 2-3 times, tea leave lose all its properties. Experiments show that with first cup you get 50% of all minerals, with the second – 30% and with a third – only 10%.

do not drink too much tea before eating. Large amounts of tea make your saliva less thick and food can become tasteless. Also your body will absorb proteins much worse. Drink tea 20-30 minutes before eating, not less than that. After eating, do not rush to drink tea straight away either. Once again you have to wait at least 20 minutes.

Do not drink tea with your medications. Tea contains tanning substances that can produce tannins, which affect absorption of medications. Chinese say that tea destroys medications. Remember that you cannot drink tea that you prepared yesterday. It doesn’t have any vitamins anymore and also is a great environment for bacteria.


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