Do you still use lots of sugar?

Do you still use lots of sugar?

Sugar is not only bad for your waist, it causes tooth decay, but it also accelerates aging processes just like harmful sun rays. According to nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge, human body accumulates “bad” molecules because of our “love” to sugar. These molecules are damaging collagen and elastin. Sugar also slowly kills antioxidants which help your skin to stay healthy and fresh.

According to the experts, most people don’t even suspect that they get a huge amount of sugar from bread, cereal, soft drinks and yogurt that they eat for breakfast or as a snack.

However, dermatologists agree that the most important factors of skin aging is the sun and genetics. Reducing sugar would undoubtedly be positive to your body, but you shouldn’t expect the wrinkles to disappear. In any case, reducing sugar intake is very useful. At first try replacing sugar with natural honey or artificial sweeteners, at the worst scenario. Make sure you are nor allergic to them.



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