Do you want to eat less? Use a bigger fork!

Do you want to eat less? Use a bigger fork!

Those who are trying to eat less and lose weight should first choose a proper fork to eat with. In order to eat less, you should choose a bigger fork. A research has shown that people using small forks eat much more than those who eat with bigger forks.

Previous studies have been trying to analyze the sizes of portions amd their impact on eating. Now the researchers in the USA have determined effect of the sizes of bites. The experiment was made in one Italian restaurant and it lasted for 2 days. There were a few tables with small forks and bigger forks. The bigger forks could keep 20 percent more of food comparing to the smaller ones. Before serving food has been weighed. It turned out that people who were using smaller forks ate much more than those who ate with big forks. People who were eating with larger forks have left much more food in their plates.

It was noticed that eating with smaller forks, people eat much faster and more than they really need. And vice versa, those who were using bigger forks were more relaxed and they were not rushing to finish. Chewing bigger bits people get a feeling of satiety much faster than chewing small bits.

So if you want to get rid of few pounds before eating another dish, make sure to choose a right fork. The bigger – the better!



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