Don’t forget drinking water!

Don’t forget drinking water!

Many of us are familiar with food pyramid which gives the tips how to eat correctly. What about the drinks? Scientists say that fluids affect our body more than food and they can also be fattening, leading to diabetes or osteoporosis. After analyzing over 100 of different drinks, American scientists came to the conclusion that water is the most useful and the healthiest fluid for the body.

Even a slightest deprivation of water in the body affects us and causes impaired concentration, irritability, headaches, memory problems or reaction troubles. That because blood starts flowing much slower, the cells are supplied with less oxygen and overall impairment affects human’s physical condition. Water also affects the skin: after being supplied with less water than it should be, skin loses its elasticity. American media highlights two very important properties of water: it has a wide range of necessary trace elements and has none of the calories. 

You should take at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Do you follow this recommendation? U.S. nutrition experts have started to announce about the widespread habit to drink sweetened carbonated drinks instead of water – according to them, 21-24% of Americans calorie intake is1 received by drinking sugary carbonated drinks. Medicine experts announce that this is not good because sweet fizzy drinks affect the body’s various processes. For example, they encourage the production of hormones leptin and grelino that increase our appetite. So, drinking such beverages leads to the increased desire to drink and eat more food.

According to Polish press, the healthiest way of life is promoted by French. Hundreds of shops and restaurants in Paris suggest almost 100 kinds of mineral water. France is the world’s second place after Italia according to water which is used by its citizens. It is also claimed that that’s the secret of French being so slim.


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