Drink and lose weight. 5 fat burners

Drink and lose weight. 5 fat burners

Ginger tea. Ginger tea facilitates getting off old fat accumulations in problematic places. This tea tones and speeds up fat burning. Besides, it eliminates excess water from the body.

Lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice are recommended to drink with water and honey. This way you prepare a bomb of antioxidants. They kill harmful free radicals and stimulate your body to use fat for energy. This way you are losing weight. Remember that honey contains many calories so make sure you don’t exaggerate with it.

Vegetable juice. Compared to fruit juice, vegetable juice contains much less calories. At the same time it contains more vitamins, minerals and flavanoids. Vegetable juice improve metabolism and help to eliminate extra fluids from your body. One of the best juice is celery, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin and carrot. You can add watter to fresh juice if you think it is too concentrated.

Milk. Milk proteins ensure long lasting feeling of satiety and reduces craving for sweets. Milk fats stimulate processing other fats and this helps to burn old fats that are accumulated in your body. However, you should choose low fat dairy products.

Apple cider vinegar. Add a tea spoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink it in the morning before having your breakfast. In the evening you can have the same drink 30 minutes after your dinner. It’s a great fat burner.



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