Drink milk to take the edge of your appetite

Drink milk to take the edge of your appetite

Probably many people have a memory of their parents making them drink milk in the childhood, saying that it’s very healthy. It appears that it’s good to drink milk in the morning for other reasons, not only for children but for the adults too.

A glass of low fat milk in the morning reduces appetite. Milk gives the feeling of satiety and suppress appetite for another meal, comparing to juice or other fruit drink.

Australian researchers have made an experiment with men and women over 34 years old. The participants at first drank milk and the next time – juice. Both times the drinks had 250 kcal. Four hours until luch, men and women were talking about what they feel. During lunch they ate whatever they wanted. The researchers have noticed that those men and women who were drinking milk, chose 9 percent less food for dinner which is about 50 kcal less.

The researchers assume that milk protein and lactose provide the sense of satiety. By the way, one cup of milk contains 16 percent of all protein we need to get over the day. According to the scientists, a good choice of certain foods can make us feel full for much longer and this helps to control our weight and reduce obesity.



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