Easy tips to control your hunger

Easy tips to control your hunger

Everyone should agree that there are days when it’s so difficult to stay away from your fridge. No matter what and how much we eat we want more and more.However, there are some tips that can help you to kill the feeling of hunger.

Water with lemon

It’s easy to prepare, it will keep your stomach full and there is no chance that you will still feel hungry. Everyone knows that we should drink at least 2 liters of water during the day. If we add some drops of lemon juice, we will guarantee that it will also supress a feeling of hunger.

Sage leaves

Ancient salors knew that in ordr to stop hunger they should chew sage leaves. They contain some soothing substances which also suppresses appetite. Take 2-3 dried sage leaves and chew untill the feeling of hunger goes away.

Lots of pepper

Canadian researchers have found that pepper suppresses appetite and stimulates matabolism as well as fat burning. So if you feel an extreme hunger at night, sprinkle lots of pepper on your meals. You will definitely eat less.

Grapefruit before lunch

American scientists have found that if we eat half of a grapefruite every day 30 minutes before our lunch, we would lose weight more succesfully. Grapefruit is bitter which suppresses appetite, besides, it contains lots of vitamin C which is also useful when losing weight.


In tropical lands people chew leaves of drink a tea of mate in order not to feel hunger. Mate contains caffeine and potassium which stimulates fat burning.


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