Eating fried meat is not so unhealthy as you thought

Eating fried meat is not so unhealthy as you thought

When healthy eating gets so much attention, most of us might find difficulties when choosing eating plan and making right decision in which foods are truly healthy and needed for us. In addition, though it is widely declared that we need to eat lean foods, you may remember your grandparents that always ate fat meats, soups, mashed potatoes with the sour cream and other foods that are now considered as unhealthy. However, we couldn’t say that they lived shorter or had so many diseases as we do. Luckily, there are more and more researchers who discover new facts about food and their preparation methods.

One thing they seriously decided to rehabilitate is the fried foods. It seems that British nutritionists have changed their views on fried foods and their damage for our health – recent studies have shown that frequent consumption of fried foods don’t lead us to the risk of developing heart disease as it has been believed earlier. However, they add one condition – meat should be cooked in olive or sunflower oil.

These conclusions have been made after taking a closer look to Spain where food is fried only using these types of oil. After making a research, British scientists haven’t found any relation between fried foods and the risk of coronary heart disease. However, researchers also warn that these findings should not be followed blindly and encourage you to eat fried food three times a day. That’s because Mediterranean people have great opportunities and always get healthy, fresh products that could also affect the results of this research.

Spanish researchers have also studied more than 40 thousand volunteers some years ago. Participants were asked what diet they follow and how much fried food they consume. The results revealed how much such food affects health problems – Spanish researchers announced that there is no connection between fried foods and heart disease.


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