Eating healthy on a camping trip

Eating healthy on a camping trip

Eating healthy on a camping trip seems quite complicated thing. Instead of trying to choose something healthy, most of us simply grab a pack of hot dogs, some bags of chips, cold fried chicken wings and leave town. However, a little bit of thinking helps to avoid such foods and save the lines.

1. When going for camping, try to choose those foods that are fresh in season or pick up some dried ones. Just look for a juicy watermelon which is a good appetizer, apples, berries, dried raisins or apricots that are perfect for snacking for travel.

2. To have a healthy dinner, make a foil packet and put there various vegetables, potatoes, lean chicken breast or fish fillet. To give some taste, pour a splash of olive oil, some cloves of garlic, and any spices you like. After putting it in the coals for some minutes, you will get a great result – a healthy dinner in a camp.

3. When camping, you are on many activities, so don’ forget the water and juicy fruits or vegetables. When hiking, swimming or doing other activities over the sun, keep plenty of clean water next to you to forget the thirstiness.  For snacking, choose watermelon or grapes.

4. To stay healthy when camping, you must think ahead and plan. Take a salad mixture, hard boiled eggs, grated cheese and marinated meat with you to let yourself relax. Having some chopped fruits will also save you when someone starts thinking about dessert. 


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