Eating styles that may lead you to weight gain

Eating styles that may lead you to weight gain

Every habit, even the one that looks minor, has a significant effect on your weight and, when you start changing your eating habits or lifestyle, one can sneak in and damage your efforts. So, read the basic eating types that may interrupt your diet and see if you have one or more.

1. The Weekender  

Person who is the Weekender starts eating more as soon as the weekend starts or his surroundings change. Though he follows his diet very carefully from Monday to Friday, he stops counting his calorie intake on the other days and rewards himself with fatty foods and drinks. To solve that, try to include one splurge night into your weekdays.

2. The Drinker 

If you think that drinks you sip have no calories, you will be shocked. Liquid calories are the sneaky ones because that you can drink much more than you can eat. They quickly go down on your stomach and can destroy any diet you follow. So, remember that water is the best drink ever but if you can’t resist from coffee, skip the sweetener and whipped cream.

3. The Grabber 

Today we are surrounded by calories everywhere and, though we are on a diet, we don’t forget to take the opportunity and grab some sweets while waiting for an appointment with doctor or free samples offered at the supermarket. However, tracking meals and counting every extra bite is an extra important activity you must do in order to stay fit.

4. The Stress Eater

The stress eater can be described as the one who starts looking for food just after a long stressful day finishes and he reaches his home. Stress eating is a very common problem between people around us and also it’s a reason of the weight loss. To fix it, it’s recommended to make yourself prepared for a certain situation and find another activity instead of staying at home and eating.


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