Effective ideas for those who want to lose weight

Effective ideas for those who want to lose weight

Do you want to lose weight, to feel good and to strengthen your body? Start exercising straight away! And you don’t have to go to the gym. Just stand up from the couch and start doing our recommended exercises.

1. Forget the elevator and take the stairs instead. Climbing strengthens your leg muscles and you burn several calories by that time.

2. Walk back and forth. If you have a chance start walking not only forward but also backwards. Keep your back straight and suck your belly in. This will strengthen your back and leg muscles.

3. Climb the mountains. If you have a chance to go at least on a little hill, do that.

4. If you use public transport, get out of it one stop earlier than you should and walk. This way you will not only strengthen your body but also get some fresh air and maybe meet new people.

5. Go shopping without your car. Especially if the stores are close to your place. Walking carrying the shopping bags in your hands is also a great exercise.

6. Buy a dog. You will have a new buddy and it will encourage you to walk more. Every time you take your new friend for a walk, you will be burning calories.



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