Effortless fixes for your health

Effortless fixes for your health

Make yourself better without any efforts! Here are some easily achieved tricks that will lead you to better health and being.

Get electric toothbrush

Have you heard that electric toothbrush is the best tool for avoiding the plaque? It has been found to use invisible sonic waves that blow away those bacteria promoting plaque between our teeth. It’s 75 percent as effective as flossing, say the dentists. 

Wash your hands

In order to avoid respiratory illnesses and the flu virus, return to an old way and start washing your hands with regular soap at least five times a day. Recent studies have shown that this alternative helps people to avoid infections spreading around by 45 percent. In the meanwhile, antibacterial soap hasn’t been approved to be more effective than regular one.

Use fish-oil supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids is one of the most powerful supplements helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, stop post-workout muscle soreness, fight against depression and even protect yourself from Alzheimer’s. However, in order to get these benefits, you don’t need to eat fish twice a week if you can’t stand it. If you don’t like fish, start using supplements of fish-oil but pay attention to ingredients – the second ingredient listed should be vitamin E.

Limit carbohydrates

Migraine is the sneakiest and annoying disorder which is connected to human’s blood sugar levels. However, though people who suffer from it are always susceptible, their lifestyle is the most important thing in holding them off. Take attention to your nutrition: carbohydrates, such as bread-and-beer or other combinations. If you have migraines, try limiting carbohydrates and their intake to no more than 300 grams per day


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