Eggs: why you should forget high cholesterol warnings

Eggs: why you should forget high cholesterol warnings

Nutrition experts note that no matter that some foods, such as our favorite eggs, are said to be rich in cholesterol, people should pay more attention to such cholesterol sources as saturated fats and trans fats. Of course, nutritional cholesterol increases cholesterol levels in our blood, but there are other factors that are more important for such levels as well. Generally, healthy people won’t find any visible changes in their cholesterol levels after cutting only nutritional cholesterol off.

Previous thoughts that eggs are the biggest enemies in the fight against high cholesterol levels have been denied by a new study showing that normal consumption of eggs, about one egg a day, does not increase the risk of heart disease in the majority of healthy people. However, the same study has also revealed that the same eggs may increase the risk of heart disease in people suffering from diabetes. If a person has health problems, such as diabetes or high cholesterol levels in blood, he should not eat egg yolk, which contains mostly cholesterol. However, egg whites are said to be not dangerous.

According to experts, we should pay attention to the fact that eggs are often served products that are rich in saturated fats – sausage, butter and cheese. In such situation, eggs become not bad at all – they are full of various nutrients, like vitamins A and D, B complex vitamins, phosphorous. In addition, they contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which guarantees a healthy vision.

If you reduce your saturated fat intake, you can lower your blood cholesterol levels by 8-10 percent. The best way to reduce or control blood cholesterol levels is monitoring saturated fats and trans fats intake. For that doctors advice that moderation is the mostly important mantra everyone should follow.


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