Emotional eating

Emotional eating

Emotional eating is an uncontrolled eating which is caused by negative feelings but never because of the physiological hunger. Person suffering from it can eat large quantity of food which, in most of the cases, is fatty, sugary and unhealthy. Experts believe that 75% of overeating cases is caused by our emotions. As you may have already felt, food is a great tool helping to calm down for a while. If you also eat because of emotions, you may also be suffering from emotional eating. Here are the most common causes:

* The social eating. Eating too much food can be caused by eating together with your friends. Trying not to stand out from the others, you may not to realize that you are overeating.

* Emotions. Sometimes we eat because of being bored, suffering from stress, tension and anxiety. Besides, snacking can also be caused by depression or feeling lonely.

* Unnoticeable situations. You may also find yourself overeaten because you simply had the opportunity to do so. For example, it was your mother’s birthday and the table was completely covered with food, you went through the bakery and turned into ‘something really delicious’.

* Favorite activities. Eating can also be associated with certain activities. For example, some people like to nibble when they are watching TV, movie in the cinema or sports.

* Negative self-evaluation. People suffering from emotional eating eat because they poorly think about themselves, think that they have to will and so on.

* Psychology. Overeating because of the certain physiological reasons, such as stress, headache and other pain.

To find out what factors provoke your eating too much, start writing down what and when you eat, what emotions you feel and what you think on that moment. Figure out what are the main causes of your emotional eating if you are suffering from it and visit your family doctor to find a remedy.


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