Excessive daytime sleepiness

Excessive daytime sleepiness

These days it is difficult to find someone who can sleep on a daily basis as much as he wants. Sometimes, the lack of sleep can be caused by obvious reasons, such as neighbors, crying children and similar. However, if you want to sleep constantly, you should find out the problems of drowsiness. 

Sometimes it cam be initiated by simple and natural reasons:

Time zone differences.
Hearty lunch or dinner.
Blood collects in the stomach and the brain receives less oxygen.A stuffy room, or a rainy day. In both cases, the decrease in atmospheric pressure leads our brain to less oxygen levels.

In all these cases, the solution is simple: go out, move … If you are moving to another country and start feeling sleepy because of the time zone differences, give your body some days to adjust. Well, if you have none of the above options, sleepiness may be caused by other factors:

First reason:
thyroid problems

Thyroid hormones regulates many functions in our body, such as metabolism, growth or weight loss. When hormone production is not enough, it results in excessive daytime sleepiness. Characteristics: increased fatigue, memory problems, skin dryness, brittle nails, appetite loss, weight gain.

What to do:
Consult with an endocrinologist .

Second reason:

American scientists have revealed that people suffering from lethargy should get tested for diabetes. If you have problems with glucose metabolism and utilization processes, you may start become sleepy. Characteristics: feeling thirsty, weakness, dry mouth, itchy skin, drop down in blood pressure.

What to do:
Consult with an endocrinologist .

Third reason:
Sleepiness can be a protective response to the stress. When brain is unable to cope with feelings, they try to protect themselves. If you are experiencing long-term stress, it may be the reason of feeling sleepy and suffer from Excessive daytime sleepiness.


What to do: try to understand the problem that causes the stress and fix it or consult a psychologist.


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