Facts you may have not known about water

Facts you may have not known about water

It has been known for long that water is essential for life and it is a major part of our body. We consume water every day , but do we actually know what benefits it has on our body?

Water helps to lose weight. A glass of water before having a meal reduces appetite so you eat less. Besides, water has no calories.

Water is a natural painkiller. Very often headaches and backaches can be related to dehydration.

Water rejuvenates the skin. Your skin will be much brighter if you drink enough of water every day. There is no secret that bright and healthy skin looks younger.

Water improves productivity. Brain contains about 85 percent of water so your productivity also depends on water. If you drank enough of it, you will be more active and your work will become more productive.

Water provides energy. It regulates body temperature and this has effect on how much energy you have. If you are working out, you should remember to drink even more water as you will need more energy.

Water improves you digestion. It speeds up metabolism and helps to prevent constipation.

Water helps to prevent cramps and sprains. If we suffer from cramps we often think its because of lack of magnesium. Sometimes it’s enough just to drink more water.

Water relieves fatigue. It helps our body to get rid of toxic substances. If your body lacks water, first of all it takes it from blood and this makes your heart work more difficult.

Water reduces the risk of getting cancer. Studies have shown that drinking enough of water reduces the risk of developing bladder and colon cancer.




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