Fast fixes for your skin

Fast fixes for your skin

Every woman knows that situation when there are only few hours until the holiday party left and her face looks completely sorrowful. It becomes obvious that traces of fatigue, eye bags and acne won’t be hidden so easily with a help of cosmetics. So, what to do that tired skin and, most importantly, bad mood wouldn’t spoil your holiday party? Do not be nervous, because it’s really possible to eliminate these troubles quickly and easily!

When you look at the mirror and see that your face skin doesn’t look luminous and fresh, you should put a compress of cold water. Attention! You can use this recipe only if you are not suffering from chronic sinusitis or rhinitis! Just put a small towel into a cold water bath and put it on your face. Hold this compress for 2-3 minutes and then repeat the procedure. This recipe should effectively refresh your skin and you soon will notice its healthy pink color.

You can also try massaging your face with a clean fresh snow or ice cubes made from citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, grapefruit) and carbonated mineral water (1:2). Cold water will add some freshness to your skin, make it stronger and will improve circulation of the blood. After an hour and a half, use a facial scrub to remove the dead cells from your face and make you skin not only fresh, but also smoother.

To remove the eye bags, it will help an old recipe of compress, made from the black or green tea. Remember, this remedy will be effective only if you keep these compresses when you are sitting, not lying because then the lymph stops flowing.

If you have time, ten days before a party you should start applying a cream with vitamin C or vitamin C capsules. It will recover the lost sheer and a nice color of your skin. Another recipe to make your skin beautiful would be this spectacular drink made from half of lemon juice, tablespoon of honey and egg yolk. Make a smooth mixture from these ingredients and drink it slowly every morning seven days before a ball.


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