Fast food leads to depression

Fast food leads to depression

A group of Spanish and Canadian nutritionists have made a special investigation which proved that excessive consumption of fast food can lead to depression. The investigation lasted for six years and there were 12 000 participants. Half of these people were eating healthy food every day and another half were only eating fast food. Over the years the researchers noticed that people who were constantly eating junk food complained about bad mood, anxiety and irritability much more often than those people who were only eating healthy food.

Specialists have found that depression is caused by certain fats that are in french fries, hamburgers and meat that is usually used to prepare some sandwiches. Unstable blood sugar levels contribute to high levels of depression in junk food eaters too.Thus, the researchers suggest quitting fast food despite the fact that some of this food tastes really good, it is cheap and it suppress your hunger for some time.

Nutritionists highly recommend to resist seduction of fast food and instead choose natural and healthy products. They will not only ensure good health but also help to prevent depression.



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