Fasting is a good way to improve your health

Fasting is a good way to improve your health

Christian traditions say to fasten before the big holidays as Christmas and Easter. Actually this can be taken not only as a tradition but also as a body treatment.

Strict fasting is not recommended for those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. People suffering from digestive track diseases, ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis or cholecystitis should consult their doctor before fastening.

Meanwhile, fasting can be beneficial for healthy people. Doctors state that when we fast our organism uses the fat of our body and in this way we get rid of hazardous substances in our body.

Many people may think that fastening extremely decreases the selection of dishes, but that’s not true. You can eat anything from potatoes, cabbage, beetroots, mushrooms, fish and many other things. Don’t forget to include porridges to your diet. Porridge is easy to digest and it contains fats that are useful for our organism. Change meat soups into delicious vegetable or fish soups. This kind of soups is a real refreshment for your stomach and a great prevention from gastritis, ulcers and cholecystitis.

Don’t forget to use good oil. Scientists have proven that those who don’t use enough of oil have bigger chance to be affected by stress. Enrich your dishes with herbs. Fresh parsley is a great source of vitamin C, celery helps to overcome fatigue, dill contains vitamins C, E, PP, B, folic acid, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Drink natural fruit and vegetable juices, low carbonated or still mineral water, herbal teas.

Even a few days of fasting will have positive impact on your health. It will improve your overall well-being and mood, you will lose some weight and return to normal sleep. Fasting is not only usuful for your physical health but for your spirit as well.



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