Fasting. Pros and cons

Fasting. Pros and cons


It’s fast way to lose some weight

Fasting days is the optimal way to get rid of some pounds that are the cause of summer holidays. During such days you can easily get rid of half of a pound of your weight. However, it’s not your real weight and
fat – the biggest part of this weight is liquids that are accumulated in the body because of salty, spicy and sweet foods.

It’s the holiday for your stomach

Overeating means overtime work for your stomach because all the internal systems are forced to work in fast track mode and almost all energy is wasted in food digestion. Have you noticed that we feel cold
when we eat something fat? Fasting day gives a small rest for our digestive system. However, every fasting should be delightful, so it is important to choose a product which is easy to spend an entire day

It may help to avoid various diseases

Some of diseases of our times need fasting for prevention. For example, arthrosis requires eating cucumbers, high blood pressure – potatoes, diabetes – vegetables, watermelons, kidney beans. And, of
course, any day of discharge is beneficial for avoiding obesity.


It’s temporal

This weight that you get rid during a day of fasting usually comes back on the next day. Besides, as it has been said, it’s not fat but fluids and not only unnecessary, but also necessary fluids are removed from the body. To get rid of some pounds of fat, you should burn seven thousands of calories! In order to reduce the illusory weight loss during the fasting, it’s very important to drink at least half a liter of fluids during the day of fasting.

Acidity in the stomach

Popular products of fasting (apples, grapefruits, yogurt) stimulates gastric secretion and increases its acidity. In addition, instead of risking the health of your stomach we increase the risk of gastric ulcer attack. According to different statistics, those who are suffering from gastritis, should avoid the days of fasting.

We simply like to eat

It may seem that as soon as the day of fasting comes your appetite increases brutally. It’s not only the psychological disposition – fruits or vegetables, which are not the main foods in our daily menu and eaten just a snack usually, simulate the secretion of gastric juice.


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