Fat on your waistline may initiate ovarian cancer

Fat on your waistline may initiate ovarian cancer

According to the latest researches, women should always pay attention to their lines and especially their waist which tends to accumulate fat because of inappropriate diet or the lack of activity. Women are especially recommended to avoid fat accumulation in this area because medicine experts have found surprising bond between fat on the waist and ovarian cancer.

Researchers claim that almost 80 percent of tumors have been found to spread around the waist area which contains fat (in most of the cases, called the greater omentum). The greater omentum is found in the upper abdomen near the stomach and it’s needed to help for the body to hold the back. However, fat growth in this area is has also been found to be associated with the growth of tumor. These findings have been made by scientists from the University of Chicago and led by Professor Ernst Lengyel. Trying to see the relationship between fat accumulation and ovarian cancer, researchers have been conducting experiments with mice. In a study, healthy mice were infected into their abdomen area with ovarian cancer cells and just after 20 minutes those cancer cells managed to reach the greater omentum. It has been revealed that fat proteins in omentum give signals to the cells of cancer. By staring to control the transmission of those signals, thrust level dropped by at least 50 percent. Moreover, as soon as cancer cells reach the greater omentum, they begin to change because they start ‘eating‘ fat cells. As a result, the cancer develops and stars spreading. 

Scientists believe that the main role in this process should be given to protein FABP4. After blocking the activity of this protein, spreading of the nutrients from fat cells to cancer cells significantly reduces. At the same time, tumor growth also drops down and reduces cancer’s ability to develop.


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