Fat substitutes can lead you to obesty!

Fat substitutes can lead you to obesty!

Information published on the product package that it has fewer calories that other ones does not guarantee that it is beneficial to your health, warn dieticians. American scientists believe that popular products that are presented as fat substitutes not only increase the appetite but also promote the obesity!

Fat substitutes are artificial ingredients that weight and have the similar structure just like fat, but contain fewer calories. In addition, these substances mimic those products that have lots of calories and are fat by their taste and people fall into this. However, the latest study on the properties of fat substitutes reveal that eventually people will still put on extra pounds.

Such claims have been found after the experiment with mice: researchers chose two groups of mice. One group was treated with potato chips with natural fats and the other – with the fat substitute Olestra. This substitute is made of sugar and based on vegetable oil. Surprisingly, after some period of time the second group of mice gained weight just like the first group of mice! Thus, it can be said that the fat substitute is not effective.

Researchers claim that the same processes occur in human’s body: sweet or fatty foods the human body prepares it to accept large amount of calories. If the body does not get calories, mechanism controlling the diet becomes ineffective. In fact, the same situation is with artificial sweeteners – they encourage overeating!

After the results of such studies have been discussed openly, discussions if fats can be completely removed from the diet have been initiated! Though fat gives the feeling of satisfaction and safety! According to dietologists, if we get zero calories, it is not possible to gain some weight, but eating foods with artificial fat makes people feel full later. That leads to overeating. To avoid this, nutritionists recommend using natural fat and sweeteners but in moderation.


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