Feeling guilty after eating?

Feeling guilty after eating?

Have you been in such situation, when after deciding to cut out your favorite food, such as pizza or sweets, you ate an entire pie in one time? After doing this, you felt extremely guilty about eating this
‘forbidden food’ but promised to start your diet again tomorrow? Attention! Doctors say that such cycle of diet is not good for your psyche or your body shapes, so in order to stop this, read the following article.

According to doctors, when it comes with dieting, people do one huge mistake which is called “all or nothing”. By forbidding some kind of foods, they unnoticeably make them more and more desirable. Our body starts simply asking for those foods that are not allowed during a diet. In this way, the risk of slipping into overeating increases and then people trend to postpone their diet for ‘one only day’. To avoid this, dieters recommend eating one little bite of pizza or doughnut to feel the taste and calm down.

According to psychologists, the more people limit themselves, the guiltier they feel when they stop following their diet or overcome their rules and eat, let’s say chocolate, instead of apple. According to German study, people who are highly preoccupied with their weight loss, are in unhealthy relationship with food and usually don’t feel any pleasure when eating. They are more likely to suffer from ‘exercise bulimia’ which leads into enormous quantity of exercising while trying to ‘burn’ unexpected calories. However, though working out is important, eating must also be seen as healthy part of our life which helps us to socialize or stabilize our mood.


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