Everything you need to know about your child’s immunity

Everything you need to know about your child’s immunity

Children’s’ health depends a lot on their immunity, and the immunity depends on a number of factors: heredity, daily routine, diet, fitness and so on.

What impact does heredity have on your immunity? Heredity is an important factor- after all, parents transmit not their character, but also a tendency to diseases to their children.If parents are often sick, it is likely that children will have the same trouble. The speed of development of the immune system also depends on heredity. Some babies are able to naturally overcome colds,while others struggle with them all the time.

What impact does daily routine have on immunity? Fortunately, you can strengthen your immune system.It is highly dependent on the environment in which children spend most of their time. Take care of what your child is doing throughout the day. Stress and fatigue weakens the body, so your child will need more time to rest. All of our muscles relax while we are sleeping.

What impact does diet have on immunity? A balanced diet is very important not just for an adult but also a child. It is very important that children’s diet is based on healthy eating pyramid: grain products, vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products.


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